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I worked on various experiences on for Amazon's audiobook subsidiary, Audible. Audible was gaining prominence as a wonderful service with a membership where users would get a single credit a month, good for any audiobook in their catalog of close to 200k titles. Audible had a well performing experience to describe the service and sell memberships but there were gaps in the experience which caused users not to convert to members.

Looking at dwell times and depth on the membership page on Amazon, I saw that users would skip over key membership detail sections and focus on the numbered section with a 1, 2, 3 which succinctly said how to use Audible. With that user data and looking over the existing experience, we hypothesized that users were skipping over those key sections because they were heavy in copy. Users tend to skim so make the content quickly digestible. We knew this was going to be a key piece. A lot of the imagery was outdated and mentioned nothing about the content in the membership, which was a big driver for users that we ran through user testing. So we begin diving into design.

Knowing where we had to start, my team drafted our requirements, and began drawing up concepts for the new experience. We used more aspirational imagery that focused on listening and appealed to a larger demographic. We knew we had to communicate what is Audible, what's content is included, what are specific benefits, and then the platforms it's available on. This was an important hierarchy to tell the story for users and what they would get by purchasing membership.

By setting a hierarchy that was conducive to telling a story, we were able to better communicate with the customer in a coherent way. We also lightened copy considerably which we believed would allow longer dwell time and depth for many customers. We also implemented a sticky buy box which wasn't used extensively throughout Amazon at the time. This allowed customers to learn about what Audible membership was and be able to purchase after scrolling down the page.

All of these hypotheses paid off for Amazon and Audible saw a 33% increase in paid memberships and 12% increase in trial memberships. Content was immediately digestible, users could see and sample the audiobooks, which led to a content-first trial membership, and users we able to clearly understand membership benefits. This redesign helped Audible solidify it's place in the audiobook vertical.

Elevating the Audible membership experience on Amazon

How do you take a high-performing membership page on and make it perform even better? Looking at the data and analytics, as we as the content and hierarchy to understand how users engage with the page. From there we can provide a better experience for customers and higher returns for the business.

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