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Microsoft expressed a need for a holiday landing experience for it's customers that communicated its wide selection of products but in a small package. Working in tandem with partners at McCANN Worldgroup, we worked with the Microsoft teams to better understand what they were looking to do and the selection of products we were covering off on. A single landing experience that showcased features of a large set of products, all of which could change depending on which country you visited the site from? We had some complexity to handle as part of the experience but were excited for the challenge.

We worked closely with the Microsoft stakeholders to understand the user and business needs. We understood which products we were designing for and any nuances we needed to take into consideration. We also dove into Microsoft's user personas and who we were designing for. This helped us understand the brand voice and the content that users needed when shopping for tech products. This allowed us to begin exploration on the experience.

Our team began diving into concepting an experience in wireframes. We came up with an unbelievable single-page modular experience which could easily change in color and content depending on which product was chosen. It included a product nav and category carousel that when changed, would switch the entire experience below it. Since we had a large amount of products to showcase, we implemented a drawer that allowed the user to switch between different product models. We also built a visual tab experience to click into and learn about different features of specific products.

One of the really exciting features we designed for the experience was the integration of a proprietary product engine that Microsoft built for their line of Windows phones. The engine allowed users to scan a product and be presented with prices of the product scraped from across the web. By implementing this engine on the website, users were able to find the best prices from a select group of retailers, even outside of the Microsoft online store, across the web.

The experience was developed in tandem with Microsoft's development team over the course of two months. We delivered an amazing experience for customers around the world that could browse multiple Microsoft products from a single page and move into making a purchase of Microsoft's products.

Making the holidays brighter with Microsoft products

When it comes to the holidays, companies look to create innovative experiences for their users to showcase their product and drive sales. Microsoft asked me to do just that for a new consumer landing experience for their suite of products.

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