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Bars and events have a major problem—ordering is a hassle for most customers. At sport stadiums, 50% of customers abandon the concession lines in favor of the bathroom line or not missing the game. A huge part of revenue generation is lost for venues. For bartenders, 50% of their time is spent swiping credit cards instead of doing what they do best, making drinks. Noble is here to fix that and allow customers to never miss a moment of their event while taking the hassle out of ordering. While enjoying your event, place your order from your phone and have it sent directly to the bartender. The bartender makes your order and lets you know when its ready from the express pick-up area. Some venues will even bring it directly to your seat. A simple yet revolutionary idea of simplifying the ordering experience for events.

Noble's old MVP experience

Noble's old MVP experience

Noble designed it's MVP experience but needed to elevate the user experience to be beautiful but simple and focusing on "Easy order, easy pay." as the primary goal at their stage. Bells, whistles, and extraneous functionality is not what was needed at this stage for the start-up. We had a look at the existing MVP experience, began to understand the customers both on the venue and consumer side, and audited the experience end-to-end. At this stage, Noble did not have truly visual ordering done. Many customers go to a bar and order their one or two go-to drinks. What if we could expand on that? What if users could visually explore all the drinks from the bar and read descriptions of what they were? What if they could also customize those drinks with mixers or garnishes?

We set out to take the experience from simple ordering app to full-fledged ordering experience with additional tools for venues that allowed them to track orders, see analytics, build menus, and pull reports. Throughout the redesign process, we identified many vertical specific needs such as for theatres versus comedy clubs or concert halls. After redesigning the experience, Noble achieved a 4.9 star rating with over 500 reviews and expansion into a network of concession group venues.

Customize mixed drinks with brands and mixers

Checkout hierarchy and experience

Initial venue dashboard

Redesign of the initial venue portal dashboard

Giving the VIP experience to all event guests with 'Noble' mobile ordering

Ordering alcoholic drinks or food at events is a hassle with long lines or the decision between waiting on the concession/bar line or the bathroom line. Noble fixes that customer pain point through its simple easy order and easy pay experience.

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