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With the ability to securely store photos & videos with social sharing app Tapshare, we partnered with them to create a new, simple, clean, and engaging experience on Tapshare's website and mobile app. Tapshare had already established an MVP and began testing the product. What the platform needed was a cohesive brand identity including compelling visual style, brand voice, modern logo, and an engaging user experience. Our key focuses for success included establishing a clear hierarchy to the pages, understanding the users' needs, defining needed functionality, and utilizing patterns that are easily understandable for users that now have the option to integrate photo storage with social sharing.

Tapshare's old experience

Our strategy was to understand the existing functionality and implement a new clean, cohesive, and responsive design, use best practices to determine and craft an appropriate order of operations for the written and visual layout of both email and in-app pages, and drive user adoption through email marketing techniques like share and invite encouragement directed at primary users' friends and family.

We started off by performing an audit of the existing site. Our team began doing a deeper dive into all existing functionality and began to do competitive analysis to see where gaps existed in their current functionality compared to what users may be expecting. We immediately aimed to define Tapshare's target audience—parents and family who enjoyed using simple technology to share their favorite pictures and videos with those close to them, while also knowing their privacy and security are ensured. Once confident on requirements, our team quickly moved into determining content hierarchy, information architecture, and exploration in wireframes.

We continued refining Tapshare's overall style based on what we observed during our initial site audit and competitive analysis. Our team began fusing visual design with the foundational wireframes and functionality to follow more modern trends using negative space to de-clutter pages and enhance digestibility, and implementing a softer, more dynamic color palette that would be appealing to larger family-based audience.

Finally, Tapshare's content and marketing strategy was re-structured by leaning on our established personas. All existing copy was redone across web and mobile platforms, and email campaigns to impact its target demographic more succinctly. Part of the email campaign redesign was to better fulfill users' needs by communicating the information they needed and driving to the site consistently.

Through the new Tapshare experience, users will now find themselves being able to more easily be able to upload, store and share their photos and videos; communicating with other users much more simply; and doing it in a much less cluttered and easy-to-understand experience with the same continued focus on privacy and security for users special moments.

Safely storing and sharing memories with 'Tapshare'

We approach designing a social network focused on photo and video storage and sharing and the complexity that a social network presents.

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