Innovative User Experiences

I'm Shane de Lumeau, a product design leader focused on building delightful experiences for users across a variety of verticals and devices.

I've worked with brands large and small such as Activision Blizzard Media, Amazon, Microsoft, US Army, and more to design experiences that connect brands with their users . This is a selection of my work.

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Cross-device Experiences

Working with global brands, I've designed user experiences and products that functioned across web, mobile, tablet, TV, and as standalone software applications.

Designing Form and Function

As a well rounded product designer, I have experience designing personas, user flows, journey maps, wireframes, and high-fidelity visual designs. I understand the user, define the requirements with research, set the structure and hierarchy, and apply a clean, modern UI.

Prototype & Test

I design the project's functionality in a prototype from InVision, Framer, or Webflow and take the experience through usability testing. I've also gathered analytics from A/B and other live tests.

A selection of my work

I've worked with many Fortune 100 brands and start-ups to design products and experiences that scaled to a global audience. I've designed projects for mobile, desktop, tablet, IoT, TV, and more.

From My Portfolio

About me

Design leader with over 12 years of crafting innovative user experiences and campaigns across digital mediums. I have designed UX & UI for products, websites, TV, operating systems, and mobile apps. I've worked with clients such as Audible, Amazon, Microsoft, Comcast, and US Army, and have led projects within interaction design and user experience design from initial conception through production.

During my career, I have worked with various major national brands, start-ups, and agencies to craft experiences that engage users and connect them with my clients'​ companies. I currently work as the Head of Product Design for Activision Blizzard Media, leading product design for the company. I drive ideation around user-centered design principles, interaction design, and other creative projects. I've taken a leading role to design experiences for web, mobile, tablet, tv, ecommerce, operating systems, and IoT.

Who I am


"Shane knows exactly what UX/IU elements will make a shopping experience more effortless, and he knows how to build long-term customer journeys that surprise and delight visitors."

Eric Caballero /  VP, GM, The Walt Disney Company

"Shane is a detail-oriented User Experience professional with a penchant for getting things done; regardless of the complexity or daunting nature of the project, Shane has repeatedly been able to marshal the appropriate resources that drive winning results."

Marc Niola /  CDM

"Shane is the type of person that once you hire him, you realize you've found someone who you should do anything to keep around. This man is talented, period."

Peter Magulak /  Creative Director, Comcast
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